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 The School of Administration - the best investment for your future life


Basic information

The School of Administration (WSA) was established in 1997. WSA offers Bachelor's and Master's studies and huge variety of postgraduate studies as well.

Students take courses at four faculties: Faculty of Administration, Faculty of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Human Sciences and Faculty of International Studies. Our School is divided into 5 Departments: Administration, Physiotherapy, International Relations, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies. WSA is engaged in intensive international cooperation with numerous national and foreign partner institutions. Bilateral Agreements are signed at single faculty or school level. In either case they result in joint research projects and student and faculty member exchanges.

Our academic staff is highly qualified and descent from major and leading universities from Poland and from abroad. Lectures are given by excellent specialists with many years of experience in diplomacy and international organizations and many other fields. Due to transformations and rising academic mobility in Europe some of the lectures are run in English.

WSA offers great facilities: comfortable lecture halls and classrooms with audiovisual equipment, computer labs, wireless broadband connection, a well-equipped library with large stock of books and journals and access to a computer catalog and databases. Our scholarship program is designed to help students. The school offers need-based grants, fellowships, scholarships and sport scholarships for students.



The School of Administration in Bielsko-Biala was established in 1997. The background of the idea was to educate students to participate in specific social needs of our region  that was the main aim of the founders - Mikołaj Rey's School Society which members are the intellectuals of Lutheran Church in Poland. The leading role in establishing and developing process was played by professors from Cracow's Universities. One of the most important initiators of that process was prof. Józef Filipek - the first Rector of the WSA. At the beginning WSA offered only Bachelor's studies on Faculty of Administration. Due to very fast developing process and due to young people interest - new department was opened in 2001 - International Relations. Observing social demands in our region during next couple of years WSA has opened other Faculties - Physiotherapy (2005) and Pedagogy (2006). The latest addition to the study programs is Cultural Studies (2008).  In 2009 The School of Administration in Bielsko-Biala received authorization from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education to grant Master's degree in International Relations.


Mission Statement

Mission was formulated by WSA founders in 1996.
The main aim of the School is to offer:

  • Studies for graduates from Podbeskidzie region, local public administration's workers (government and local authorities) and to other people who are interested in bachelor's degree in Administration.
  • Constant cooperation with local authorities to realize common tasks because of cross-border situated region.
  • Cooperation with Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Because of the history of Podbeskidzie region as a multicultural, multinational and multidenominational place and all the European processes - the connection between study programs and local needs of Podbeskidzie region has been the major goal of our School.

Cooperation with local authorities, organizations and companies has situated our School as a pro-social institution in the city of Bielsko-Biala.  Graduates of WSA are very well prepared and qualified which make them a valuable contribution to our labour market. Due to rapid and constant development School's offer includes not only Administration, but also International Relations, Physiotherapy, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies.

Our School gives you wide educational opportunities:

  • vocational undergraduate studies (B.A.), graduate studies (M.A.) and postgraduate studies
  • faculties of administration, international relations, pedagogy, physiotherapy and cultural studies
  • classes of foreign languages: English, German, French, Russian and Spanish.

We provide for our students:

  • qualified academic staff that consist of outstanding scientists and experts representing prestigious academic centres of Cracow, Warsaw, Vienna and Lviv.
  • study programs adjusted to the needs of modern labour market
  • excellent quality of education
  • theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills
  • courses also in English
  • apprenticeships served in the institutions relevant to the students` interests
  • participation in the students` international exchanges
  • In the annual higher education institutions` rankings carried from 2004 the School of Administration (WSA) was always classified among best domestic bachelor`s schools. Every year, since 2005, the School is entitled to use a „Trustworthy School" („Wiarygodna Szkoła") mark. At the fourth edition of the project for 2008/2009 academic year, the School was recognized as the best non-public bachelor`s school in Poland. In the National Higher Education Institutions` Ranking by „Rzeczpospolita" and „Perspektywy" carried between 2006 and 2009, the School was, consecutively, the 7th, 5th, 9th and 6th best non-public bachelor`s schools.
  • The School of Administration in Bielsko-Biała, as the only academic school in the Podbeskidzie region and just one of the 15 academic schools in Poland was awarded the „Fighting plagiarism" certificate („Uczelnia walcząca z plagiatami") for the 2010/2011 academic year which confirms implementing appropriate internal procedures against dishonest authors of academic papers or research dissertations.
  • Quality of education in WSA has been confirmed by numerous State Accreditation Committee`s resolutions. Since 2004 Accreditation Groups of the Committee have consecutively examined all the faculties always giving favourable decisions. Another confirmation of the quality of education were the decisions of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education entitling the School to carry graduate studies in the fields of international relations (2009).
  • WSA is a part of the TELC networks and twice a year conducts English and German language exams at the A1, A2, B1, B2 levels. Additionally provides language courses  preparing candidates for the exams.
  • The School grants scholarships for the students achieving best results in studies and sports. Additionally each year WSA funds financial prizes for its students (Professor Zbigniew Gostyński`s Prize and Professor Krzysztof Spodaryk`s Prize). WSA supports its students with need-based grants.
  • Online dean`s office simplifies student`s life by enabling them to settle administration matters via internet as well as to collect teaching materials.
  • From many years our School organizes meetings with important politicians, journalist and intellectuals.
  • If you are creative and like working with others you can take part in student self-government. You will not only widen your knowledge and gain new experiences by meeting outstanding specialists but also participate in national and international conferences organized by our School.
  • In our School functions Academic Sports Association (AZS) which enables students to fulfil their sport passions and needs within sport sections.
  • WSA implemented ECTS marks system based on Bologna Process which enables students to carry on their further education at other European universities.
  • WSA gives its students and staff opportunity to participate in international exchanges with foreign partner universities.